A Friend in need is a Friend Indeed Essay Writing in English

It is said that a friend is tested only in trouble. We get to know a true friend only in times of trouble. A friend who supports us in times of trouble is a true friend. The friend who joins us in happiness and goes away from us when we are sad, then he can never be our true friend, such a friend is more dangerous than an enemy.

That’s why we get to know a true friend only at the time of calamity. The relation of a friend is more than blood, a true friend saves us from all the calamities that come upon us. There is no relation in the world greater than that of a friend. A true friend stops us from walking on the wrong path and shows us the right path. We get a true friend by great luck.

If we talk about true friendship, friendship is also seen in mythological times like Sudama-Krishna, Ram and Sugriva, Duryodhana and Karna’s friendship, this is such a mythological friendship which is a symbol of great friendship for us.

A true friend is very difficult to meet, so we should think carefully before making friendship. It is the duty of a true friend to illuminate the qualities of his friend so that the friend can be respected in the society and Increase in prestige. A true friend considers the respect of his friend as his own. A true friend leads us towards success.

Considers his prestige and fame as his prestige and fame. A true friend tries to hide the demerits. Along with it also tries to remove those demerits. Does not let us go in the wrong direction, always teaches us good things.

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