Write English Essay on Hospital in 350 Words

Hospital is a place where sick people are worked to overcome their illness. There are two types of hospitals, one is government and the other is private hospital. Hospitals are a place for sick people where people are healthy. Sick people come to the hospital to get their treatment done.

In the hospital, people get relief from illness and pain. There doctors and nurses work day and night to relieve the suffering of the people. A lot of cleanliness has to be maintained in the hospital. Dirt causes diseases, so the workers there take special care of cleanliness. Special care is taken on cleanliness in the hospital. The sweepers keep cleaning the hospital from time to time.

Hospitals are a boon for patients. Where there is no hospital, people find it very difficult to get their treatment done. Patients have to suffer a lot due to non-availability of medicines and help at the right time. Many people die due to delay in treatment, so hospital is very important. In today’s era, the hospital plays an important role.

In big hospitals, there are many departments for the treatment of every type of disease. All kinds of scientific instruments are kept in the hospital. That’s why it is the best place for medicine. Doctors in the hospital are like Gods who give new life to the sick people.

Most of the hospitals have two departments – inpatient and outpatient. In the outpatient department, the patients are examined by the doctors. They are given drug-related advice. The patients then return to their homes and do their therapy as per the advice given by the doctor. After examination in the in-patient department, the patients are admitted to the hospital. On recovery, they are released from the hospital. There are doctors and nurses to take care of the hospital.

Therefore, the hospital has a very important role in our life.

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