English Essay on Global Warming in 500 Words

Introduction :- Global warming is the continuous increase in the temperature of the Earth’s atmosphere. Global warming which in common language is called increase in global temperature. Global warming is a big problem for our country as well as for the whole country and it is continuously increasing on the environment of the earth, due to this problem, not only humans are harming every living being on the earth. All living beings suffer from global warming.

Humans are the biggest responsible for global warming. Whose activities are such that global warming is continuously increasing everywhere, the result of which is disastrous. Due to these activities of man, the amount of dangerous gases like carbon dioxide, methane, nitrogen oxide, etc. is increasing in the atmosphere. Burning fuel for cooking, in vehicles and for other conventional uses produces many other greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide, methane which greatly increases global warming.

Due to global warming there have been many climatic changes such as increase in summer season, decrease in cold season, increase in temperature, change in the pattern of air-cycle, rain without season, melting of ice caps, depletion of ozone layer. Severe storm, cyclone, flood, drought etc.

The amount of oxygen should be more on the earth, but with increasing pollution, the amount of carbon dioxide is increasing. Because of which there is a hole in the ozone layer. Due to which excessive heat has started increasing, due to which the ice in Antarctica is melting, due to which the water level is increasing. With increasing heat in the desert, the area of sand is increasing. Therefore, to make global warming work, we should plant more and more trees. Deforestation should be stopped and strict laws should be made for this.

Main reason of global warming:-

  1. Deforestation: – Deforestation should be banned and more and more trees should be planted.
  2. Industrialization :- Today in the name of industrialization we are polluting the atmosphere.
  3. Urbanization :- In the name of urbanization, we are cutting down forests indiscriminately. Big buildings are being constructed on agricultural land. Due to which the risk of global warming is increasing.

Prevention of global warming :-

  1. Maximum tree plantation: – To prevent global warming, it is necessary to plant more and more trees.
  2. Use of petrol diesel vehicles from work :- Use of vehicles should work, public vehicles should be used.
  3. Use of solar energy instead of electricity :- Solar energy should be used by working the use of electricity.

Conclusion :- It is very necessary to stop global warming. Global warming is the main cause of climate change. Therefore, we should plant more and more trees and it is necessary to stop pollution. Due to global warming, all the living beings on the earth are being harmed.

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