The Past doesn’t come back English Essay in 350 words

There is a saying that “It’s no use crying over spilled milk” when the bird is eaten, the field is now repentant, does our past never return in the same way. Time waits for no one, we wait for time. That’s why we should use time properly, never misuse it.

The work done at the right time leads us to success. Time is like sand, once it slips out of our hands, it does not come back in our hands. We should use our time properly in the right direction. Because the time that passes through our life, that time never comes back for us.

To destroy time means to waste precious moments of your life. Time is something that cannot be regained once lost. It is said in English that time is money. Time is precious, so we should always make proper use of time.

Therefore, it is necessary to do all the work on time. People do not do their work on time and then get disappointed when the work is not done. Correct use of time to achieve success in life, the work done at the right time only leads us to success in life.

Proper use of time is also very important. We should give our time to do good work, which will benefit us and we will get success.

Time is given more importance than money, because lost money can be earned someday, but lost time never comes back. Time is more than money. Only the right use of time takes us forward in life. That’s why we should never misuse time. So, we all should make good use of time.

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