English Essay on My Garden in 300 Words

There is a garden in my house which is in front of our house. There are very beautiful flowers in my garden, which are in different colors like red, yellow, pink. There is also green grass in the whole garden and fruit trees are also planted around the garden like guava tree, lemon tree and a big mango tree. My garden is very beautiful. I spend most of my time in my garden. Every morning I walk on the grass in my garden.

My grandfather loves gardening and works in our garden every day. My grandfather spends his time every day in the garden. He always buys new trees and plants and plants them in the garden.
He taught me how to water the plants daily and how to keep them clean. I water the plants in the garden daily and take care of them from time to time and add fertilizers to them as per requirement.
I play with my pet dog, Tommy, in the garden every evening. We should plant a garden in front of our house so that we get pure air. We love to take a walk in the middle of the gardens.

Beautiful butterflies hover over the flowers in my garden. My garden is so lovely that I spend my time in the garden everyday. Gardening is my great hobby because whenever I get time I spend my time in my garden.

I love the green grass, beautiful vines, trees and flowers of my garden. Often in the summer season, our whole family comes and sits in the garden at night. I love my garden very much.

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