English Essay on Unemployment in 500 Words Reason and Solution for Unemployment

Introduction:- Where people do not have any work, they live without work, we call it unemployment. Unemployment problem is a big problem for any country. Unemployment has a bad effect on the country’s economy. For the progress of any country, it is necessary for every person to have employment. Employment is necessary for everyone because the maintenance of the family is not possible without employment. Home and family need money for good maintenance and it is necessary to have employment for money. Due to unemployment people start doing wrong things. Without employment, they come in the company of wrong people. There is a need to set up more and more factories for employment. Due to which more people will get employment.

Following are the reasons for the increase in unemployment:-

  1. Reasons for increasing population :- Increasing population is the cause of unemployment. Because there is a decrease in employment due to high population.

2. Reasons for seasonal business: – Seasonal business is also one of the main reasons for unemployment because most of the people depend on agriculture. Due to the untimely weather, it affects agriculture, due to which people become unemployed.

3. Reasons for education: – Lack of education is also one of the reasons for unemployment. Because people do not get employment until they are educated. Therefore, it is necessary to be educated for employment.

4. Reasons for non-growth of business :- One of the main reasons for lack of employment is also non-growth of business. Because until there will not be more and more factories, employment will not be generated.

5. Reasons for lack of self-employment :- One reason for employment is lack of awareness among people about self-employment. It is necessary to spread awareness about self-employment among the people.

Following are the solutions to eliminate unemployment:-

  1. Restriction on population: – It is necessary to stop population growth. The effect of maximum population also falls on employment.

2. Paying attention to education :- The society which is educated for employment is very important. Educated people will insist on new technology which will give employment to the people.

3. Emphasis on business :- To generate employment, it is necessary to emphasize on different types of business. There is a need to set up more and more factories. Which will generate more employment.

4. Making people aware for self-employment: – To eliminate unemployment, it is necessary to make people aware of self-employment.

5. Making people aware of the weather :- People who are dependent on agriculture should be provided with the correct weather information.

Conclusion :- We need to be aware to eliminate unemployment. We need to pay attention to education. All people will be educated only then people will get employment.

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