English Essay on Education in 400 Words

Education is the basis of human life. Education is the word that teaches a person to live life. Human life is incomplete without education. Education should be equally for both men and women because together they make a healthy and educated society. It is necessary for all people to be educated for a better country and society. Education plays a huge role in the overall development of any country. Education is such a wealth that no one can steal. Rather, by sharing education, it grows further. Education is the best means of livelihood. Education is helpful in removing inequalities in the society. Education is divided into three parts. There are primary education, secondary education and higher secondary education. Human life is incomplete without education, so it is very important for us to be educated. Education has a huge contribution in the country’s economy, so it is necessary for all people to be educated.

The first school of our life is our family and our first teacher is our mother. With education we can do any work easily. Good education helps to remove all the differences of the society. Education plays an important role in providing the right direction in life. Education is important for life.

Education is such a thing, which eradicates the animalism of man and teaches him to live life. All round development of human mind is possible only through education. It improves our knowledge, skills, confidence level and personality. Education provides an energy inside us which teaches us to live life. Education teaches us to lead a disciplined life. Education is the only solution to any problem in life. If we want to move ahead in life then it is very important to be educated.

Education does not mean bookish knowledge, but such education which can actually make a human being human, recognize his values. The message of love and humanity can be spread in the society only through good education.

Education is very useful in everyone’s life. Education is what separates us from other creatures on earth. So education is very important to us. Education is very important for all. Education creates a confidence in us.

Nelson Mandela has said that –
“Education is such a powerful weapon that we can use to change the world.”

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