Wonder of Science English Essay in 400 Words

Introduction:- Today science has made its supremacy in the whole world. Human life and science complement each other. Science plays a major role in our life. Today man can fly in the sky like birds with the help of science. Can breathe in deep to deep water. We can cover the maximum distance in a few minutes. Today man has achieved success in many big fields with the help of science such as medicine, information revolution, space science, traffic etc. Science has brought many changes in the field of education.

Science has done many such miracles till date, which have completely changed our lives. In which there are many such tools, with the help of which many tasks of our daily life are done easily and fast. Science has made our life very easy.

They include electricity, AC, washing machine, refrigerator, LED TV, car, plane and many more such things. Which is the miracle of science itself, which makes our daily life easier. We can do our work without any problem in a short time. Science has provided us with something like a computer, with the help of which we can do any work in a very short time. We can do the biggest calculation in working time. We can do many things sitting at home with the help of science.

Following are the benefits of science:-

  1. Science has made our life easier
  2. With the help of science, you can cover maximum distance in less time.
  3. With the help of science, we can do the biggest work in less time.
  4. Science has done a great job in the medical field.
  5. Science has revolutionized the field of education

Following are the disadvantages of science:-

  1. Science can also be a threat to human civilization
  2. Pollution problem
  3. Building things like nuclear weapons
  4. Problem of unemployment
  5. Make life a lot easier

Conclusion :- As much as science is beneficial for us, it is equally harmful. Today our life has become very easy with the help of science.

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