English Essay on International Yoga Day in 400 words.

Introduction:- International Yoga Day is celebrated every year on 21 June. Prime Minister Narendra Modi had proposed to celebrate this day as International Yoga Day. Health is the biggest wealth in human life. Yoga is very important for our life. Yoga not only helps in keeping our body healthy but also our mind and brain. Yoga cures many diseases of our body. It is necessary to do yoga daily to keep our body and mind healthy and happy. Yoga communicates energy in our body. By doing yoga, our body remains fit. Yoga also controls all the functions of our body. Yoga is very important in life, it is very important to do yoga to keep our body energetic and healthy.

Yoga gives new strength by eliminating stress. Doing yoga is not just about exercising, it gives us a healthy, happy and peaceful life. By doing yoga, we get good sleep and laziness never comes in our body. We stay fit all day long. Provides a confidence in us. By doing yoga, concentration comes in us, it takes mind to do any work. Keeps our digestive system right too.

Doing yoga communicates confidence and positive energy in our body. The purpose of celebrating Yoga Day is that all the people in the country and society remain healthy and fit. That’s why we should do yoga everyday. Yoga camps are organized in different parts of the country on the day of Yoga Day. A large number of people attend camps and do yoga to practice the sacred art like yoga.

Following are the benefits of doing yoga:-

  1. Yoga gives us mental peace.
  2. Yoga keeps the body healthy.
  3. Energy is transmitted in life.
  4. Builds confidence in life.
  5. The immunity of the body increases.
  6. The body never gets sick.
  7. There is communication of enthusiasm in life.
  8. An energy is created in the body.
  9. Happiness is attained in life.
  10. Life is exciting every day.

Conclusion :- There is only one goal of celebrating International Yoga Day, everyone should be healthy. To lead a good and healthy life, we should do yoga daily.

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