English Essay on Internet in 400 Words

Internet is an important invention of modern science. Internet has made our life easy, through internet we can do any work sitting at home today. Through the internet, we can pay bills, book tickets and do many other things sitting at home. Internet has promoted things like online shopping and online studies. We can easily do all the work of the bank through internet sitting at home.

Internet has simplified many of our problems, due to which any work has started to seem easy and simple to us. Internet is a kind of repository of knowledge. We can easily get information about anything from the internet. Through the Internet, we can easily get all the information happening in the country and abroad. Today everything is connected with the internet, due to which we get information easily.

Internet can be said to be the cheapest medium of sending messages and information. Through internet, we can easily talk to our friends or relatives in any corner of the world. Internet is a very easy means to deliver information.

Internet was invented in the year 1969. Tim Berners Lee invented the Internet. This method was first introduced by the US Department of Defense in 1969 to send and receive secret data and information from the Advanced Data Projects Agency network to various remote states. But today the Internet is being used by almost everyone and is happening on a large scale.

Advantages of internet :-

  1. Internet information repository
  2. Role of internet in education
  3. Simple means of connecting to each other
  4. Online facilities of internet
  5. Online learning assistant

As internet has become an important need of today, its need will increase in future also. In this era of technology, internet is our cheapest and most beneficial friend.
But we should always use the internet for our benefit, we should have learned good things through the internet, it should be included in our biography, but on the contrary, many people misuse the internet which is wrong. Internet should be used properly, good information should be obtained.

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