English Essay on My Village in 300 Words

My village is a very big village. The name of my village is Rampur. My village is surrounded by fields from all sides and different types of flowers, trees and plants are seen here. In my village, there is so much peace in the morning that the chirping of birds is very sweet. In my village everyone lives together and it is generally a joint family. The people of our village depend on agriculture. All the people in my village also do animal husbandry and produce milk. All the people of the village help each other a lot.

There is a very big pond in my village in which we all go to bathe sometimes. There is a big banyan tree near the pond where every day in the evening a meeting of elders is held. There is also a school in my village. The school in our village is very good. There is also a good system of electricity and water in my village. There is also a small hospital in the village. There is a lot of peace in the village and there is no pollution. My village is a green village.

There is a temple of a famous goddess in my village where a huge fair is held during Navratras. In my village all the festivals are celebrated together with great joy. There are also many open grounds in my village where we play cricket and run. Vehicles ply less in my village and there is no pollution at all because of the greenery. The pleasure of breathing in the freshness and pure air in the morning is something else.

The fragrance of the soil of my village will always remain in my heart. I love my village very much and my village is the cutest.

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